Patent Law in California

From solo inventor to developing company to established enterprise, Infinity Patent Services helps you understand what protection strategy best leverages your patent assets.

Just as important, Infinity Patent Services can help you predict ahead of time not only the cost of filing for patent, but of procuring patent. The amount of leverage in your intellectual property portfolio depends on how cost effective your approach is in acquiring protection. Infinity Patent Services assists you in maximizing your intellectual property budget.

Patent preparation and counseling services are provided for:

  • Non-provisional patent applications
  • Provisional patent applications
  • Prior art searches
  • Foreign filings
  • Responses to USPTO actions

Patents can be prepared in the following arts:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software
  • Business Method - Websites
  • Data Management
  • Optics
  • Electro-optics

If you need additional assistance from what is listed, feel free to contact the firm and inquire about availability.

Free initial consultations are available to discuss retaining the firm's services.  Please see the Free Initial Consultation tab for details.